VK Premium E-liquid – 120ml (Tobacco Flavors)


Vape King premium e-liquid available in 120ml size
Nicotine levels: 0,3,6,11,18, and 24 mg/ml
Ratio: 70%VG / 30%PG
Manufactured in the USA

Flavor descriptions listed below

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AM Tobacco – Classic medium blended tobacco with a nutty aroma

Sweet Leaf – Mild tobacco infused with a slight hint of rich chocolate

Marble – Classic full-flavored tobacco. Just like the western cowboys used to enjoy

Marble Red “New” – A popular tobacco blend

Roadhouse – A more subtle western cowboy mix

Havana Cigar – A taste of Cuba!

RY4 – Creamy vanilla and caramel with a touch of mild, toasted tobacco

Sweet Carolina – A sweet caramel and vanilla with a mild toasted tobacco

Desert Ship – Enjoying a camel ride in the middle of the desert

USA Mix – A patriotic tobacco blend

Kilauea – Mild delicate tobacco blended with cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla

Honey Tobacco – Cowboy blend with a drizzle of honey

Unchained – Creamy wholesome tobacco with a light Bourbon twist

Cherry Tobacco – Medium flavored tobacco cured with sweet black cherries

Wild Berry Tobacco – Berries blended with medium bodied tobacco

Additional information

Tobacco Flavors

AM Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Desert Ship, Havana Cigar, Honey Tobacco, Kilauea, Marble, Marble Red *New*, Road House, RY4, Sweet Carolina, Sweet Leaf, Unchained, USA Mix, Wild Berry Tobacco

Nicotine Level

00 MG/ML, 03 MG/ML, 06 MG/ML, 11 MG/ML, 18 MG/ML, 24 MG/ML